Cats steal the show at Rydal | Photos, Videos

They're so fluffy!

Cats of all sizes and many breeds congregated at the Rydal Showground on Sunday, September 10 for the Australian National Cats’ annual championship cat show. 

Held in conjunction with Daffodils at Rydal, the show, titled ‘High Country Cats’ included 50 cats competing in kitten, cat and ‘oldies’ categories.

Speaking ahead of the show, organiser and Wyecoon breed enthusiast Dick Wye said the weekend had offered a unique opportunity for city breeders to get out into the countryside. As part of the weekend, breeders enjoyed a bus tour.

“It’s a great opportunity to talk to people in the cat world, learn more about breeds, like breeds that are good for people with allergies, which has a better temperament…” he said. 

Elder statesman of the cat show circuit, Mufasa, owned by Mr and Mrs Wye, took out the older cat section on Sunday, which was presided over by guest judge Lithgow City Councillor Maree Statham. 

“It was really quite difficult to pick today,” Cr Statham told the crowd at the show. 

“(Mustafa) is 11, a beautiful cat and he doesn’t look loved at all, does he?”

With the decision down to two cats. 

Breeders travelled from as far as the South Coast to show their cats, which drew a great deal of admiration from the visiting crowd.

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