Bathurst residents offered help to change drinking behaviour

Lithgow residents wanting help to change their drinking behaviour now have access to a free app.

Thanks to funding from the Western NSW Primary Health Network, residents can use the app to access a trained health coach.

The not-for-profit organisation Hello Sunday Morning, which aims to encourage a better drinking culture, has been offering members individualised treatment via the Daybreak app, where a health coach is available to answer questions or provide feedback via instant messaging.

The service normally costs $59, but the Western NSW PHN funding means Bathurst residents can access the app without cost by downloading Daybreak from the Apple App Store or Google Play, recording their postcode when prompted and following the instructions.

Hello Sunday Morning CEO, Chris Raine, said rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to alcohol behaviour change, the program is tailored to the individual, and most importantly at the time the individual needs support the most.

“The Daybreak program is built on the principles of cognitive behaviour therapy. It’s not about abstinence but about personal choice. The overwhelming amount of research confirms that personal, individual intervention results in better outcomes in persuasion and behavioural change,” Mr Raine said.

“Our health coaches, who are mental health professionals with backgrounds in health, mental health, counselling and psychology, help members set and reach goals for satisfying and healthy lives.

“Most importantly, they provide readily accessible support at that moment in time when someone is about to reach for that next drink.

“Our health coaches will be there to help our members understand why they are seeking alcohol and work with them to identify other techniques they can use to deal with what is usually the underlying trigger.”

Hello Sunday Morning says many Australians don’t get help for their alcohol use because of the expense of treatment, waiting lists, costs or location.