A short history of Wallerwang’s power station released | Video

IN OPERATION: Wallerawang's power station.
IN OPERATION: Wallerawang's power station.

A short history of Wallerawang’s power station has been released. 

Featuring stories of some of the workers and the history of the project’s operation and closure was released by EnergyAustralia on Wednesday, July 12.

EnergyAustralia, owner of the Wallerawang site, took videos including the demolition of the unit 7 cooling tower carried out earlier this year. 

The materials from the cooling towers will now be sorted and recycled. 

The Wallerawang power station, once the largest in New South Wales, closed in 2014 after more than 50 years of operation. 

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EnergyAustralia executive Mark Collette said the film demonstrated the scale of the Wallerawang power station, the important role it played in the development of New South Wales and the close connection people in the Lithgow area had to the plant.

“When people talk about their experiences and memories working at Wallerawang you can sense their pride,” he said. 

“The power station was the largest of its kind in New South Wales and for over five decades supplied families and businesses throughout the state with reliable and affordable energy.

“Wallerawang, like several other big coal-fired power stations, has made way for new sources of generation as we evolve Australia’s energy system.

“But that doesn’t change the fact that Wallerawang leaves a wonderful legacy that’s worth preserving – and that’s why we’ve made this film.”

The almost eight-minute film covers the plant’s decommissioning, demolition and rehabilitation as well as the project underway to re-purpose the site for other uses.