The Saint: Who’s moving in next?

Lose some, win one

SO, in recent times we lost both of our jewellery stores from the Lithgow CBD much to the dismay of many Main Street regulars. 

Well - the word on the street is that we’re to get one back. 

There has been considerable recent activity at the former antique shop next to Whispering Lane - even that irritating old Mower Warehouse sign has finally gone from beneath the awning – and according to the grapevine a new jewellery store is about to open. 

But creating even more intrigue is the guessing game on what’s going on with the former Sam’s Warehouse at Pottery Plaza. 

The sprawling retail outlet has been vacant for a couple of years since the national chain went belly up. 

But recently the windows have been papered over to deter nosey reporters and a sign at the entrance invites the  curious to ‘watch this space’. Indeed we will.

Ain’t it the truth?

WHEN someone someday compiles a list of quotations on the theme of ‘never a truer word spoken’ an effort by Mayor Stephen Lesslie will surely have prominence.

In a minute to last night’s meeting of council he thanked Andrew Muir for the manner he had performed his duties as acting general manager.

He said Andrew ‘was appointed to the role at a time of division and turmoil (in council)’.

Never were truer words spoken indeed.

The mayor further praised Andrew’s administrative skills so why didn’t the local boy get the top job from a field of 41 applicants?

Back to Beehive

THAT centre of stimulating activity and cameraderie, The Beehive, resumes from today with classes including leatherwork, making teddy bears, Mahjong, languages and arts and crafts. 

Then there’s the walking group and 250 Club (whatever that is).

Drop in on the Parish Centre in Bridge Street today or tomorrow evening and sign on.