Tasmanian Devils make a home in Lithgow | Photos

Lithgow’s Secret Creek Sanctuary is now home to two cute Tasmanian Devils.

The furry friends, named Dakoda and Julie, arrived last week from the Devil Ark conservation program in Barrington Tops.

"We received them on the 12th of April, which is a fantastic birthday present for me, best one I've had I think," said Trevor Evans, the owner and manager of Secret Creek Sanctuary.

The post-breeding females have spent the past four years producing babies to be released back into the wild in Tasmania.

"They now come here as a part of their retirement which will free up room for younger animals to breed and continue the trend of sending them back into the wild in Tasmania," Mr Evans said.

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The four-year-old animals come from a population free from the deadly facial tumour which has decimated the wild Devil population.

They will continue to play an important role in the conservation of their species. 

"We hope they'll tell people about the demise of the Devil and educate people so they actually understand them and like them and appreciate them a little bit more," Mr Evans said.

Secret Creek’s Tasmanian Devil enclosure was built seven years ago however the sanctuary needed to secure the relevant permits and have the program approved by the Tasmanian government.

With all the paperwork taken care of, Mr Evans can now focus on caring for Dakoda and Julie.

"They're pretty easy to look after, they're in reasonably good health, they mostly eat kangaroo meat and they have a variety of a few other bones and things as well."

The Tasmanian Devils were joined by a few other fresh faces who also arrived at the sanctuary last week.

"We have our Eastern Quolls which are a little endangered native cat, we've just swapped some males into Victoria for some females for new genetics."

The females the sanctuary has received are Black Eastern Quolls which are “probably the rarest carnivore in Australia”.

"They're extinct on mainland Australia and only survive in Tassie where they're now crashing in numbers as well."

Secret Creek has been breeding these particular Quolls for the past 15 years.

Quolls and Tasmanian Devils are pouch carnivores and are a part of the Dasyuridae family. Mr Evans said he is keen to bring other Dasyurids to Lithgow in the future.

To see Dakoda and Julie for yourself make a booking by ringing Secret Creek Cafe and Restaurant on 6352 1133 during opening hours or contact Trevor on 0408 695 958.

Personalised guided tours are held at dusk on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays: $15 adult, $10 children.


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