Ironfest Q&A: Tara Moss | Gallery, Video

Tara Moss will officially open Ironfest at the annual ball at Lithgow Workies on Friday, April 21. 

The best-selling author, journalist and UNICEF ambassador (among other things) has become a familiar face around the Ironfest circuit in recent years. 

She has recently launched a Youtube channel that will be of particular interest to people making their own Ironfest outfits. Sewing Vintage includes a crash course in corsets. 

The Lithgow Mercury asks how Tara first became involved: 

A: We first came to Ironfest six years ago, shortly after our daughter was born. She attended in a tiny spider web onesie.

We loved the Ironfest community, the environment and the incredible DIY cosplay, historical and steampunk outfits.

We’ve come nearly every year since, though this is my first year opening the festival.

Q; What is it about Ironfest that appeals to you?

A: I love the cosplay and steampunk communities, and Ironfest attracts a broad and talented spectrum of enthusiasts.

The work on display is always creative and impressive and it makes for a fun environment, too. 

Q: Do you have a preferred part of the festival?

A: I enjoy talking with other cosplayers about their outfits and how they put them together.

My husband is quite handy and great at making DIY gadgets and leatherwork, and I love putting my hands to work as a seamstress.

We love swapping ideas and techniques with other DIY craftspeople and sewists at Ironfest, and getting inspired.

Q: How did you come to open the festival this year? 

A: The organisers asked me to be involved in an official capacity, and I was happy to say yes. 

Q: Will you be staying for this year’s festival?

A: I will be at the Ironfest Ball to open proceedings, and we’ll be back on the Saturday to enjoy the rest of the action. 

Q: Are there any particular entertainments that particularly appeal to you this year?

A: I’ll be interested to see the cosplay competition, and I could never miss the medieval jousting!

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