Is this a chance for Lithgow City Council’s revitalisation?

THE COUNT IS ON: Staff at the Lithgow City Council byelection Returning Office hard at it on Monday, April 10.
THE COUNT IS ON: Staff at the Lithgow City Council byelection Returning Office hard at it on Monday, April 10.

What now?

SO the votes have been cast and life returns to whatever passes for normal in Lithgow Council. It would be nice to think the weekend re-shuffle would lead to a much needed team effort.

Sniping from the sidelines

IS there something we're missing here? Back around July 2013 during one of Cr Martin Ticehurst's suspensions, council consulted with the Division of Local Government and decreed that a councillor under suspension could take no part part in meeting proceedings, including the public forum.

A resolution to that effect was carried almost unanimously - the only exception being Martin's running mate Joe McGinnes and we don't recall that being changed. 

Fast forward a few years and and another much longer suspension and Martin's back in action in the public gallery pursuing his agendas. And it seems no one has called him on it, even those who voted for the ban. But memory lapses and hypocrisy are essential items in the toolbox of any aspiring pollie person so we wait to see who takes the plunge with a recission motion.


PAINTER Al Glendinning has been scaling the lofty heights above Main Street creating a much needed transformation on the upper level facades above the Rockstar and former Miranne shops. The choice of colours was well considered and the difference is quite impressive. Now if we can get some of the other nearby landlords to do their bit with their fading glory there will be a welcome transformation of the streetscape while council continues to drag its heels on its role in the Lithgow CBD revitalisation.

Risky business

WHEN Lithgow Council gets around to pothole repair priority is urgently needed on the pedestrian crossing between the ANZ Bank and Grand Central Hotel.

It's a threat to life and limb and they can't blame the unusually wet Autumn; it's been like that for years. 

There's a lot of potential there for a personal injury claim.