Local Land Services Wildlife Workshop at Hartley

A sugar glider captured on film using a night-time camera. Picture: MATTHEW BAKER
A sugar glider captured on film using a night-time camera. Picture: MATTHEW BAKER

Have you seen a Copper Butterfly, Water Skink or Tiger Quoll about? If you haven’t maybe its time you learnt how to look after and look for native wildlife in your backyard. 

Local Land Services is holding a free all-day Wildlife Workshop at Historic Hartley Hotel on Saturday, March 25, sharing advice on how to encourage native wildlife to your neck of the woods. 

“We decided to do this workshop because there are a lot of new land holders, hobby farmers and people from Sydney who own property in the western Blue Mountains who are interested in the environment,” said Marg Duffy, the Central Tablelands Land Services Officer.

“The critical thing impacting native plants and animals in the area is habitat loss and the clearing of land that is the home of unique animal and plants.”

The workshop will focus on sharing techniques to attract wildlife to your garden by providing them with a stable environment in which to live.

Ms Duffy said the Local Land Service will be teaching participants how to use motion-detecting night cameras to detect animals living on their land.

“We have a few cameras available that we would like to lend to residents in the future to use,” Ms Duffy said. 

“We will also hopefully be able to show some footage from a camera set up in Hartley the night before.”

“We’ll also look at different types of nest boxes and other ways to improve habitat to encourage wildlife.”

The event is free but participants need to register by Thursday, March 23 by contacting Ms Duffy on 6350 3113 or marg.duffy@lls.nsw.gov.au.