Snooker | Terry London Memorial Trophy

Snooker: Terry London Memorial Trophy, week eight.

Snooker: Terry London Memorial Trophy, week eight.

Draw: March 14 at Club Lithgow Jiggers versus Helmets. At the Workies Tall Timbers versus Miscues and Pockets versus Outlaws while Red Sox have the bye. Red Sox beat Miscues 5–2. Jiggers bounced back against Tall Timbers 6–1. Comp favourites Helmets against Pockets. Helmets won four games, Pockets took the aggregate point to score three. C & W Printing Red Sox versus Hunter Mining Methods Miscues: Shannon Baer played Col Tattersall. Baer won 96–77. Rod Denley played Brian Bonus. Bonus was triumphant 44–42. John Lyons played Brian Nightingale pay for it. Lyons swept Nightingale aside 77–43.  Garry Nolan played Jack Bilby. Nolan won 59–35. Jeff Stait played Ritchie Bilby. Stait won 63–43. Tom Gaynor played Allan Piggott. Piggott took the game winning 44–24. Players of the match: John Lyons and Allan Piggott.

Welch’s Highway Smash Repairs Jiggers versus Carpet One Tall Timbers: Wayne Lewis played Bill Cook. Cook did his best but Lewis won 62–40. Trent Lewis against Lawrence Creasy. Lewis was all over Creasy to win 66–36. Ian Bulkeley played Frank Wawn. Bulkeley knuckled down to win 65–45. Greg Sutton played Maurie Smith. Sutton with a late come back to win 50–42. Dave Adams was up against Keith Morris. Adams did enough and when he sank the pink, winning 50–49. Kyle Lewis against Michael McCosker. Lewis completely missed the pink and McCosker then won the game 75–68. Players of the match: Wayne Lewis and Michael McCosker. 

Williams and Sons Butchery Pockets versus Lithgow Valley Storage Helmets: Brett Holt played Ian Miles. Miles was too canny and won 69–41. Luke Morris up against Chris Baker. Baker made short work and powered on to 85–65 win. Michael Wellings took on Mal Hewitt. Wellings smashed Hewitt 123–34. Sharon Holt played Brett Bradley. Bradley won the war of attrition 65–44. Trystan Ford played Dianne Stait. Ford cruised to a 66–40 start. Shane Eagle played Robert Farnsworth. Farnsworth was too good 73–41. Players of the match: Ian Miles and Michael Wellings.

Pointscore: Helmets 30, Jiggers 27, Red Sox 24, Outlaws/Tall Timbers/Miscues 22, Pockets 21. Regal: B.Bradley, W.Lewis, I.Bulkeley, K.Morris, I.Miles, M.Andrews, M.Wellings, M.Smith