Put up the umbrella: It’s Lithgow Show day | Opinion

The rain has been falling in the lead up to the Lithgow Show, an event that the new Lithgow Mercury editorial team has been assured is perfectly normal. 

As is also perfectly normal, the volunteers have been full-tilt hard at work to make sure the event runs as smoothly as it can, rain hail or shine. 

They are there for any emergency or eventuality even if (God forbid) one of the mighty machines gets bogged. 

Lithgow Show is a long-standing institution, which has stood for more than a century as a celebration for the early months of the new year. 

Shows are known for their interesting mixture of attractions, from the noisy, the grand and the spectacular to the quiet and obscure. 

Lithgow Show will have plenty of both this year, with literal fireworks, monster trucks and grand machinery displays ticking the boxes in the first column. 

In the second column will be the quiet achievements of individuals and groups. It is carefully and lovingly presented in displays in the pavilion, in the sheds and out buildings. 

It includes art works of amazing creativity and ingenious construction, food to make you salivate or, in some cases, decorated to make you smile. 

It lies in the hand of the farmers who can make their gardens produce outstanding goods, and then the way people go on to can and bottle and turn that lovely produce into something even more delicious. 

The strength of a community is celebrated in its local show. The manpower and drive required to attempt it is astronomical. 

As always, the core team of organisers who have lived and breathed the event for the last few months, lean heavily on a volunteer workforce. 

These people are helping out with their sweat and muscle, or their expertise in judging, assembling and selling tickets. 

Lithgow has been fortunate to attract events, including the Ironfest coming up in April. The successful of any major event for the region lies in its organisation, the enthusiasm of its base, and, of course, in the support of the community. 

If we want to maintain our local show, we need to vote with our feet, and make sure we are part of the crowd enjoying all the aspects of our grand old festivity. 

So on with the boots, the umbrellas go up, and we will all see you at the Lithgow Show.