Snooker | Helmets lead John Zorz Trophy competition

THIS week John Zorz Trophy competition leaders Helmets beat Pockets 4 – 3 and now have a five point lead over second placed Jiggers; Helmets have the bye this week.

Tall Timbers caused an upset when they ambushed Jiggers 5 – 2 and with this win they overtake Outlaws leaving them in last position.

PHOTO: File Image.

PHOTO: File Image.

Timbers and Outlaws will play each other in the last round in the battle of the wooden spoon. Miscues pulled off another upset beating Red Sox 5 – 2 almost shoring up fifth position.

With Pockets (3rd) and Red Sox (4th) on level points they play each other so the loser will then play an elimination semi-final.

The winner gets two games to make the Grand Final in 4 weeks.

Lithgow Valley Storage Helmets v Williams and Sons Butchery Pockets: Robert Farnsworth was making only his fifth appearance when he played Shane Eagle. Farnsworth had the better game as he was sure in his shots and Eagle was rushing around though he went close which included a 14 break Farnsworth won 58 – 46.

Ian Miles was trying not to make it 5 straight losses when he played Todd Bates who has been struggling also with just the 1 win.  Miles played a few good shots but seemed to want to help Bates by setting him up. Bates didn’t knock back the invitation and won easily 66 – 33.

Tom Drury who was backing up from an easy 50 point victory last game played Trystan Ford who himself only scraped home by 4 points in his last game. Ford was not really headed as he maintained his lead until the end when he won 62 – 43.

Dianne Stait comfortably back in the winner’s circle was up against the competition’s perennial struggler Jeff Holt, still searching for his first win. Nothing was going to change as Stait easily caught the 16 start and Holt had no luck. Stait powered ahead 79 – 37.

Paul Hewitt with 7 wins and 2 losses was up against Luke Morris who had 6 wins and 3 losses so both players were evenly matched on stats and Hewitt had a 9 point start. This was a good game and Morris’ 14 break was the difference as he went on to win 63 – 50.

Mal Hewitt played Michael Wellings, with both players are sitting on 8 wins each and leading the Regal Trophy.  Wellings started out well, scoring a 25 break which was countered when Hewitt scored a 26 break and Wellings hit the wall. Hewitt continued potting and gave him a lesson winning 68 – 35.

Players of the match were Mal Hewitt and Todd Bates.

Carpet One Tall Timbers v Welch’s Highway Smash Repairs Jiggers: Peter Richards was at his very best against Greg Sutton. A slow game as both were playing safety and it was Richards who was easily potting some hard shots and Sutton painfully watched as Richards easily won 81 – 46.

Michael McCosker did the hard work in his game and threw it away in one shot against Logan Spice. Spice went to an early 30 point lead and McCosker caught the difference; he needed the black to win and when he potted the black the white went in/off giving the game to Spice 79 – 73.

Steve Hewitt played Troy Clarke and Hewitt was in an unusual position of having to give a 16 point start. This was a mistake riddled game and Clarke kept his lead when Hewitt evened the scores on the pink and then sank the black for a good 68 – 61 win.

Lawrence Creasy and Kyle Lewis put in an entertaining game with some good shots and lots of missed easy shots. Creasy took the game 57 – 46.

‘Lightning’ Leon Rust who has only won 1 game was up against a consistent Jamie Glencorse looking for his 5th straight win. Glencorse showed why he has been winning and Rust showed he was sadly out of form as Glencorse won 63 – 34.

Keith Morris just had to win for his team to be victorious and Dave Adams had to win by 19 to get his team home so a lot was in the balance.  A close game for a while but it was Morris who played the better to win 72 – 53 as Adams was wishing he was still holidays.

Players of the match were Peter Richards and Jamie Glencorse.

Hunter Mining Methods Miscues v C and W Printing Red Sox:  Allan Piggott has had a bad case of the yips this comp with just the one win and he was trying to improve his form against Jeff Stait. It was Stait who won on the colours 49 – 41 over a much improved Piggott.

Matt Tattersall hasn’t put a foot wrong since his 6 consecutive losses and this week he was tested by the old master John Lyons.  Tattersall had a 27 start and was potting very well, easily keeping Lyons at arm’s length and when Lyons looked like he could make a mark had bad luck with an in/off and Tattersall capitalised 71 – 35.

Dennis Goodwin with 4 consecutive wins played Trevor Cameron with 3 consecutive wins and it was a good game by both.  Goodwin played very well and did not let Cameron get any traction. Goodwin won 84 – 60.

Garry Bender was up against Regal contender Garry Nolan and it looked like Bender at one stage was going to win. Bender had a good lead and suddenly had a run of in/offs which put Nolan ahead until the end for a 75 – 39 win.

Ritchie Bilby played Aaron Engeler in a game that did not reach the heights of entertaining though it was a close result. Engeler had a chance to close out the game but Bilby sank the last two for a good 49 – 34 win.

Brian Nightingale did not play well at first and his opponent Tom Gaynor was giving him easy points by fouling early in the game.  Nightingale had a 28 point lead when Gaynor started to pull back the deficit but it was all too late and Nightingale held out to win 62 – 48.

Players of the match were Dennis Goodwin and Garry Nolan.

Pointscore: Helmets 51, Jiggers 45, Pockets and Red Sox 42, Miscues 36, Tall Timbers 30, Outlaws 27

Regal: M.Hewitt, M.Tonkin, G.Nolan, M.Wellings, J.Glencorse, L.Morris, G.Sutton, S.Hewitt

Tonight the last competition round; Club Lithgow Jiggers v Miscues, Workies Tall Timbers v Outlaws and Red Sox v Pockets. BYE: Helmets.