Rex is looking for a local Yowie

Rex is looking for a local Yowie

KATOOMBA based Cryptozoologist and noted Yowie man Rex Gilroy is assisting an American Animal Planet television crew with a documentary on the Yowie and the North American bigfoot.

Sixty-eight-year-old Rex has been researching the Yowie or hairy people of ancient Aboriginal folklore for the past 55 years.

He and wife Heather have operated the Australian Yowie Research Centre since July 1976 and amassed over 200 casts of footprints and other evidence of these relict hominids.

They posses thousands of reports dating from early European settlement times to the present.

“If anyone believes they have seen a Yowie or have other evidence of the beings from Lithgow region we would like to hear from them,” Rex said.

“There have been sightings claims in the Lithgow district since early 19th century times. It is like the adjoining Blue Mountains, a very old area for Yowie activity.”

All available evidence points to there being three distinct races of relict hominids involved in the mystery he point out.

One is average human in height, the other at least three metres tall. Both are meat-eaters, make stone tools, wear marsupial hide cloaks like the early aborigines did and are believed to be living off-shoots of Homo erectus our immediate ancestor.

The third race is a more primitive man-ape like creature living upon herbivorous/insectivorous food. Its general features resemble Australopithecus.

The Gilroys possess a ‘robust’ Australopithecine skull found in a two million year old deposits at Katoomba showing these creatures must have left Africa at some stage to enter Asia, thence Australia over a former Ice-Age land-shelf that once joined Australia to mainland Asia.

“This third primitive race is regarded by the Aborigines as the earliest of the ‘hairy people’ to inhabit Australia and we have sightings descriptions from the Central West-Lithgow-Blue Mountains regions to suggest they might still exist,” Rex said.

He points out that a comparison of physical traits and footprints of Yowies of the Homo erectus type compare with similar mystery ‘relict hominids’ in southeast and mainland Asia, Russia and North America.

“This suggests ‘Bigfoot’ and our (homo erectus) Yowie are related.”

The Gilroys latest search is now under way for the Lithgow Bigfoot.

If you believe you have seen a Yowie, or are interested in more information, contact Rex on 4782 3441 or email