Ironfest Ball 2017 | Gallery

The Ironfest Ball, held at the Lithgow Workmen’s Club on Friday, April 21, attracted guests from all over Australia and threads from diverse regions of the imagination.

The fashion parade was organised by Sally Kelland of Demonkitty, featuring Demonkitty and Gallery Serpentine, with special hats by Christine’s Millinery of Katoomba. 

Author and model, Tara Moss, officially opened Ironfest 2017. 

“I love that Ironfest gives people the freedom to be whoever they want. It’s a weekend where people can feel free to be more creative, share tips and encourage each other to put more effort in, rather than being worried that they looked like they tried,” she said.

“The first time I came here my daughter was just a few months old so it must have been a few years ago. Tomorrow she will be dressing up as a steampunk Wonder Woman, in an outfit I made and a chariot that her father putogether. It’s been a joint effort.”

She said the steampunk, diesel punk and vintage characters at Ironfest give her a source of inspiration for her fantasy and science-fiction writing.

Among the characters in the audience was Bruce Hodsdon, who warned that he would be “much more foxy tomorrow”. Wearing a top hat and a very bushy tail, he said that he comes from Sydney each year to Ironfest for the sense of community.

“This is my fourth year, my photographer friend first put me onto it and I now know all these individuals in the steampunk community.”

Bettina Hamilton travelled with a group of three friends from Adelaide after hearing whispers of the giant costume party in Sydney.

“Last year I was in Sydney to see the opera and went to Gallery Serpentine to pick up some things for a steampunk party. They said that if I liked this kind of stuff, I have to go to Ironfest. So we have come over for the full weekend.”

Lizzy Johnson and Anthorr Nomchong from Canberra love to surprise each other with new finds. Last weekend Mr Nomchong took Ms Johnson to the National Folk Festival, this weekend it was Ms Johnson’s turn.

“He is a new recruit,” Ms Johnson said. 

“For me, this is bigger than Christmas!”

The organisers would like to thank Robyn from Bouquets by Design for the beautiful floral tribute presented to Maree Statham; Bunnings for their donation of plants; and Hazelbrook Cottage Antiques for the loan of three Gothic chairs for portraits.