More prison time after officer assault

An assault on the general manger of Lithgow Correctional Centre has led to three months of further detention for a former inmate of the facility.

Incarcerated currently in Wellington Correctional Centre, 31-year-old Tyron O’Reilly was handed down his sentence last week at Lithgow Local Court.

The assault occurred early this year after a number of stabbings at the centre.

On Monday January 25 at around midday according to the police report, Mr O’Reilly was part of a disturbance in a unit at the prison.

Lithgow detectives were in the unit, standing outside two cells next to Mr Reilly’s, investigating the stabbings.

Inmates were hurling abuse at police, the report said.

When the general manger entered the unit and climbed the stairs to the second level of the unit, where the cells were located, he was sprayed in the face with some liquid from the holes above the door of Mr O’Reilly’s cell.

On entering Mr O’Reilly’s cell a bottle of “Spray ‘n Wipe was found by correctional service officers and police.

Mr O’Reilly violently resisted his removal from the cell with the general manager pushed and his shirt ripped.

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