Cullen Bullen tackles tree

ALWAYS ON HAND TO HELP: Craig Davis. PHOTO: File image.

ALWAYS ON HAND TO HELP: Craig Davis. PHOTO: File image.

About 10:30pm on Saturday a large tree had fallen across the highway at Cullen Bullen in the 50kph zone just south of the township. 

Traffic was stopped and banked up in both directions.  The police were called. 

Cullen Bullen local and an Inspector in the Lithgow RFS, Craig Davis as always, was ready and willing to lend a hand.  He arrived at the same time police had and in no time he had his chainsaw whirring.  Craig made short work of the offending limbs cutting the tree up for easy removal from the roadway. 

People from the waiting cars emerged and readily took charge of the severed tree limbs and removed them to the side of the roadway.  The tree was cleared in less that 30 minutes with the traffic flows restored. 

It was great to see everyone, total strangers pitching in and solving a problem to restore the road passing vehicles.

A special thanks goes out to Craig Davis a truly selfless individual who understands the true value in communities working together.

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