Lithgow's councillors finally revealed

PHOTO: File image.

PHOTO: File image.

IT was a long wait with many potential outcomes surrounding who would get the positions left after first preferences were counted in the Lithgow local government election.

A lot of those outcomes were looking at who had the highest numbers before the preference distribution.

Group C’s Cass Coleman, Group D’s Joe Smith, another member from Maree Statham’s Group E Darryl Goodwin and Group F’s current councillor Wayne McAndrew were all looking good for a spot according to a NSW Electoral spokesperson looking at the quota figures.

In the end the spokesperson was on the money for three of the positions but current councillor and mayor Maree Statham missed out her fourth team member Darryl Goodwin.

Cass Coleman did achieve a position based on quota numbers at count 41 but the other remaining four candidates didn’t reach a spot that way.

They got there after 42 preference counts had eliminated the rest of the candidates.

Outgoing councillor Col Hunter was the last unelected candidate excluded, 111 votes behind Stephen Lesslie.

Another outgoing councillor Peter Pilbeam was the previous one cut, with Darryl Goodwin and Joe McGinnes making it nearly to the end also.

Current councillor and deputy mayor Ray Thompson was sitting just outside the frontrunners after the first preference count but managed to get home along with newcomer Stephen Lesslie.

Col Hunter missed out despite being in a slightly better position numbers wise than Thompson.

In the paperwork being handed out at the polling booths Cass Coleman’s Group C, Wayne McAndrew’s Group F, Col Hunter’s Group G and Stephen Lesslie’s Group J had their above the line voting preferences outlined.

All the groups had put each other into their how -to-vote cards with the exception of Col Hunter not giving Stephen Lesslie a spot above the line. All except Mr Hunter were elected.

Stephen Lesslie did make it but so did Ray Thompson who didn’t have a how-to-vote card.

The Lithgow and District Forum also preferenced each other on how to vote cards with no luck for Peter Pilbeam in the end or any other forum candidates.

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