Bathurst Bullet is not popular with everyone

Story and photo: LEN ASHWORTH

THERE is no doubt that the so called Bathurst Bullet daily return rail passenger service between Lithgow and Bathurst has been widely welcomed by travellers.

Large numbers of Lithgow residents have been joining their Bathurst counterparts in utilising the express service ever since it began.

But The Bullet misses the target on a number of fronts according to Mercury correspondents.

Among them was recently retired regional media representative Bryan Hustwayte who issued an open letter to the Lithgow Mercury commenting on a recent trip home from Sydney via ‘the so called Bathurst Bullet’.

He said passengers boarded the train from platform two at Central Railway station which is one of the platforms at Central which doesn’t have a ticket barrier and it was notable that no on was on hand to check if passengers had tickets or not.

“Therefore, one could ride free if game enough,” he said.

But that was a problem for City Rail, not the passengers.

However, he said, the seating arrangement of the carriages is a three-two configuration which leaves little room for an aisleway down the carriage.

“It is impossible for two people to pass each other without intruding on someone’s space,’ he said.

“Seating also leaves a lot to be desired as it is akin to sitting on hard board. 

See what else was complained about in today's paper.

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